Are you ready for love?

Dating can be difficult

It’s easy to feel like giving up after disappointing or heartbreaking experiences. You might struggle with putting yourself out there or you might not think you have what it takes to meet the kind of partner you desire. You might be shy or simply not know how to date. 

Aren’t you tired of feeling lonely? If you are ready to have a fun dating life and create the love life you deserve, NOW is the time to work with me!

Hello, I'm Angela Kelley

Have you ever noticed that whenever two or three of your girlfriends get together the conversation eventually turns to men, dating or relationships?

Everyone has frustration, a horror story or a question about what to do next. I noticed this trend some years ago and decided I want to help.

We all deserve to be happy and to feel the love we naturally seek out in relationships.

I am a certified personal coach/ date coach that will help you when your family and friends just don’t understand (or if you simply don’t want to share your situation with them). I offer objective, honest and respectful coaching to help you improve your love life.

Working with Angela was a very rewarding experience! I was able to get clarity on my situation and learned so much about what I need in my love life. I have a plan for my dating life and I am feeling so much more optimistic!

Linda J.

Office Administrator

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Let's Chat

Select a time on my calendar that’s convenient for you and let’s chat about your current situation.

Step 2

Set Your Goals

We will determine your goals for your love life and determine if we are a good fit to work together.

Step 3

Get a Plan

We will determine the best option for how to move forward; 1:1 coaching, group coaching or using other resources.