Be Like Kamala!

Today is historic in so many ways. At noon on 20 January 2021, the newly elected United States President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will be sworn into office. The ceremony will be different in many ways from previous inaugurations. For many, the service represents the nation turning the page and moving forward with the peaceful transition of power. The day is steeped in tradition, celebration, and hope.
One of the most significant reasons to celebrate today is wrapped in the glass-ceiling shattering, powerful, 5’4 leader and that is Kamala Harris! Today, she will step into history as the first female Vice President elected in the United States. In addition, she is the first Biracial Vice President elected in the United States. She is the daughter of a Jamaican father and Indian mother. Her educational background includes Howard University, an HBCU. She represents diversity in every sense of the word and is an example of Black excellence. As Americans, we should all be very proud of this moment. Despite the political and social unrest of the last few years, the fact that Kamala Harris will take the second highest office in the land is a testament to the possibilities of democracy.
We all should strive to embrace the qualities Ms. Harris brings to the White House.
  • Leadership: Kamala has an unapologetic, take-charge personality and has propelled herself to the top levels of government because of her abilities to guide with strength and unshakeable calmness.
  • Class: Kamala has held her head high with confidence in difficult circumstances. She embraces style and grace that lets you know she is exactly where she should be.
  • Intelligence: Kamala is one of the brightest and best public speakers to serve our nation. She has been revered for her cross-examination skills. She commands respect from everyone in the room with her razor-sharp, quick wit and brilliance.
  • Strength: Growing up in challenging circumstances brought resilience and mental dexterity to Kamala. As a woman of color there is no question that she has faced difficulties in her rise to office. She recently said in an interview that she “eats no for breakfast”!
As a date coach and relationship coach, I encourage women to strive to be like Kamala! I love the way she has taken control of her personal life on her meteoric rise to the top! Kamala met her husband on a blind date in 2013. They married a year later. At age 50, this is the first marriage for Ms. Harris and is a perfect example of how women over a certain age do not have to settle to find a mate. It also noteworthy that Ms. Harris chose to continue embracing diversity– the first “Second Gentleman” Doug Emhoff is Jewish. This is historic as well since no other spouse of a Vice President has been Jewish. Ms. Harris is the stepmother of two children who affectionately refer to her as “Momala”. The lesson here is that despite your expectations, love can happen in many unexpected ways. There is no need to limit your decisions on a partner based on societal norms. Even as a high-profile official, the importance of keeping an open mind in your love life will always be the best policy!
As the Lao Tzu quote says “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.  Our well-heeled Vice President Kamala Harris steps into history today. She has followed her own path to this achievement, embracing love along the way and will make us all very, very proud.


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