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Senator Bernie Sanders– Cuffing Season Poster Child?

The unwelcoming body language. The questionable fashion choices. The “This could have been an email” demeanor. Is Senator Bernie Sanders your nightmare blind date scenario or the poster child for Cuffing Season???

Cuffing Season is real, and we are in the midst of it currently. If you’re not already familiar with the trend, now is the time to learn more and take control of your situation. It’s not too late to improve your love life!

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Who’s Ready for the New Year?

The new year brings new opportunities for change. Most importantly, it allows the chance to acknowledge the great things ahead and reset our intentions. While this year may be different than the past, there will be moments of lighthearted fun and celebration! Get ready for all the excitement and awesomeness ahead! 2021 will be an amazing new year!

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Life will give you plenty of choices. You are the only person that may determine which answer is right for you. Saying yes will create a more positive outlook and will change the way others see you. Become known as the one that is always up for a challenge and willing to see where life takes you!

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