Journaling is a terrific way to learn more about yourself! There are well document benefits of keeping a journal– stress reduction, enhanced mood, increased creativity and more.

To help recognize and appreciate your wonderful qualities, I have created a guided journal for singles. This journal includes 52 writing prompts to spark your thoughts about your wants and needs in your next relationship. You will explore your personal talents and the traits that make you so attractive to potential mates.

Use the journal as a tool to examine your personal life, romantic life and social life. You may choose to use the journal as a part of your weekly self-care routine for an entire year or you might want to skip around on your own schedule to focus on the topics that interest you the most. In the end you will have more clarity about your relationship goals.

Enjoy this guided journal as a way to reflect on your own life and embrace all the new perspective you gain. You may also wish to provide this journal as a gift to your single friends to help them recognize their awesomeness. Share the fun experience of learning what it takes to develop a more fulfilling love life! After all, It’s A Wonderful Single Life!

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