Ready to Spring into Love?

Spring is in the air! Isn’t it hard to believe we have entered the third month of 2023? The weather is warming in many parts of the country and the days are gradually getting longer. The trees and flowers are slowly beginning to show signs of life! Stores are displaying the latest spring wardrobe staples. It won’t be long before we will “spring forward” and enjoy daylight savings time.

With all the wonderful things to look forward to in the new season, it’s not surprising that many people renew their commitment to dating in the Spring. Are you ready to spring into love?

Here are a few ways to get ready for boosting your love life in the next few weeks:

  • Spring Break: You don’t have to be a college student to go on spring break. Make plans to meet up with friends for a quick trip to someplace fun! Spring is a great time to hit the ‘reset” button. It feels good to change your environment for a few days. A long weekend on the beach with friends will help to relax and wash away the winter blues. Challenge yourself to increasing your overall approachability while on your trip and take that spirit back with you when you return home. If you can greet strangers with a smile while on vacation, what would stop you from doing it at your local coffee shop?
  • Reconnect: Remember how you made the New Year’s Resolution that you would be more social this year? If you have not already made it happen, Spring is the perfect opportunity to reach out to the special people you have not been in touch with lately. Commit to calling/ texting/ visiting three long lost friends each week. If possible, plan a spur-of-the-moment get together. A fun, casual game night or a lively Girls Night Out can be a great opportunity for adding to your social network. Encourage your friends to invite someone new to hang out with your group. You never know who will knows someone perfect for you to date.
  • Upgrade: Declare Spring to be your own personal season for upgrading your life. You deserve it! Instead of settling for the basics that you typically enjoy, take an opportunity to splurge! Set a “Splurge” budget and decide how you will treat yourself to indulgences (big and small). If you like to shop, set aside time to browse your favorite shops with the goal of upgrading your wardrobe. If you are not financially in the position to purchase new things, swap out accessories or ask a friend to consider exchanging items to shake things up this season. Add time in your schedule to a self-care day. If you can enjoy a spa day, be sure to add a service you’ve been dying to try. If you are unable to visit a fancy spa, commit to taking time at home recreating the experience within your resources. The bottom line is that you deserve to enjoy all the fun, luxurious and relaxing things life has to offer. Treat yourself!
  • Date: It might seem obvious but the best way to boost your love life is to date. Don’t exhaust yourself scrolling through social media when you could be outside enjoying the season and meeting people… in real life! Don’t spend hours texting or chatting on the phone with a potential date. Don’t avoid dating until you lose those last ten pounds. Don’t put off asking your cute neighbor to join you for a cup of coffee. Spring is the perfect time to get excited about the wonderful dating opportunities around you. Remind yourself that dating is fun and make it a priority in your life!

In whatever way you choose to embrace the spring, be certain to include moments that make you smile, laugh and have fun! The energy you exude when you are truly happy cannot be ignored by others that cross your path. Your enthusiasm and positivity will be contagious and likely will result in a full social calendar for Spring and beyond.


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