Remember the Time

It’s 2023—a New Year of possibilities! Another 525,600 minutes to create a new experience. Take a moment and reflect: How will YOU use this time?

 You likely tell yourself you have all the time in the world because, in actuality, you do. You have time to hang out with friends, work, take classes, travel, and explore new hobbies. You have a booming social life with the time and freedom to take on any challenges that catch your interest. You casually date with abandon, knowing that there will be plenty of opportunity to meet The One when the time is right. Time seems infinite. Time is on your side. (Yes, it is.)

And then it happens. The infinite amount of time seems to be more absolute. You gradually realize that you must prioritize things more than you had in the past. The wild Saturday night festivities and the lazy Sunday brunches with friends take a back seat to more important, urgent chores. Suddenly, you must make time for grocery shopping and oil change appointments. Your work schedule is more intense as you climb the career ladder. Your social network becomes smaller as your friends marry, have children and scatter to far away places. The opportunities to date are slowly decreasing. The clock seems to move much faster than it once did and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get through your never-ending to-do list. Those carefree nights on the town have somehow become far less important than a good solid eight hours of sleep. Your friends periodically touch base with you to suggest getting together. Occasionally they ask if you’d like to meet their single friend who seems like just your type. You decline and explain that you’ve chosen to put your dating life on the back burner for now. After all, who has time to spend chatting with strangers over dinner and drinks? Not to mention, all that swiping and scrolling takes up too much of your valuable time and ultimately results in disappointment. You put off dating “temporarily” to allow time to focus on more important things. Adulting things. You convince yourself that it is no big deal that Time Keeps on Slipping into The Future.

Fast forward to December 31, 2022. You are amazed at how quickly the year passed. It’s New Year’s Eve and you somehow neglected to make plans. Work has been hectic. Your Christmas travel plans were ruined by chaos in the airport. Your well-meaning family and friends extended last minute invitations to join in the holiday celebrations, but you didn’t want to go alone and be subjected to the pitiful stares, or worse, the dreaded “Why are you single?” discussions. Midnight on New Years Eve seems like a frozen moment in time. You are alone and questioning where the time has gone. Right then, you decide to make the best of the new year! You know you must ditch the self-pity and decide to take charge of your life this year. You’ve always made things happen when you really put in the effort.  Time after time.

If this scenario seems familiar to you, don’t worry. You have time to make choices that can move you forward in the right direction. It’s completely your choice. Think back to when you were excited about your life and your dating prospects. It likely was not that long ago. And just like other cycles of life, you can get back to where you want to be.

   The time is now for you to take control.

   The time is now for you to get more active in your social life.

   The time is now for you to build your confidence.

   The time is now for you to go after the relationships you want.

   The time is now for you to present your best physical, mental, and emotional self to the world.

   The time is now  for you to attract the love life you want and deserve.

Don’t hesitate. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t overthink your desires. It’s 2023 and the time is right. Right now! Let the Good Times Roll!

Date coaching is a simple way to begin reaching your 2023 goal for your love life. Schedule a discovery call here and get started. This time next year you will be happy you started today. You could be saying you had the time of your life.


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