Senator Bernie Sanders– Cuffing Season Poster Child?

Brrrrr…….. the winter weather is here and most of us are being treated to frigid temperatures. It can be tempting to burrow deep inside for months and not come out until the sunny spring weather begins. With the current pandemic, this becomes a much more attractive option. With the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders and various restrictions, our possibilities to connect with others outside of our “bubble” is limited. In short, social distancing has become the standard way of life in this public health crisis. Cuffing season has taken on a new meaning!
Cuffing season is a trend that happens in the fall and winter months when single people try to avoid loneliness by getting involved with someone (anyone). These short-term “situationships” are simply desperate people making bad choices to avoid being alone. Often a person will select someone that is below their standards. Since it is winter and easy to stay inside, most of their activities are indoors and very casual. They might not include their “friend” in their established social circles. Yet, in some cases, they might fill the role of a date for social commitments– family dinners, holiday office parties, New Year’s Eve events, etc. Although in the moment it might seem harmless, if both partners are not aware of the real purpose, the result can be hurt feelings. Sometimes people are so excited to have a relationship, they imagine it to be more of a serious commitment than it really is.
Cuffing season relationships are short term and end when the warmer weather begins. Your winter cuddle buddy that accompanied you to the holiday events and that seemed happy to Netflix and Chill all winter, will probably break things off quickly. Valentine’s Day is usually the beginning of the end. Romantic overtures are NOT a priority for cuffing season and making plans for the future is far beyond the scope of what should be expected. By the time the longer days and warmer weather arrive, the cuffing season couples are no more.
Fortunately, there is hope! Rather than spending energy on dead end relationships, the winter is the ideal time to work on yourself and prepare for exactly what you are looking for in a relationship. Reflect on the traits your next partner should have. Think about the ways you would like to improve yourself. Try that new haircut you’ve been considering. Consider a new workout plan to help shed those unwanted winter pounds. Scrutinize which friends you want to connect with (or disconnect from) and determine which social plans will be a priority for you. Resolve to banish from your life the people that were not good for you and put your best foot forward in the spring. You hold the keys to getting the results you want in your love life!
One tool you might find helpful is a guided journal I’ve created:
“It’s A Wonderful Single Life– A Guided Journal: Celebrate Your Greatness in Preparation for Your Next Relationship” by Angela Kelley
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​In addition, Date Coaching or Relationship Coaching may be helpful. Visit the schedule tab now and schedule your initial session today Let’s talk! Spring will be here before you know it!


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