Imagine how different your life would be if you had said “Yes!” all those times you were on the fence about decisions. You would have enjoyed a few more exhilarating experiences and may have accomplished some things you never thought you could. Of course, sometimes saying yes can lead to unexpected challenges (too many cookies can lead to a few extra unwanted pounds). In the end you have to weigh the risks against the benefits and decide which is the best course to take.

Consider this: when making “yes!” your default answer, you are taking more chances and giving yourself the opportunity to embrace more adventures. You are telling yourself, and the world, that you trust your instincts and have cast aside doubt. You are choosing your own path and not afraid to see where it will lead you. Yes!!!

Starting today, challenge yourself to say yes more often. If you feel butterflies when making your choice, think of them as excitement and move forward. While some decisions will require more in-depth consideration, most every day choices we make will not make a hug impact if we make a bad move. If you say yes to a friend’s invitation to a basket weaving class, you might not enjoy it but you will have only wasted a couple of hours of your day. On the other hand, you might have learned a new skill, met new people and created a silly lifetime memory with your dear friend. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Life will give you plenty of choices. You are the only person that may determine which answer is right for you. Saying yes will create a more positive outlook and will change the way others see you. Become known as the one that is always up for a challenge and willing to see where life takes you!

Say yes to more fun, happiness and opportunities. Most importantly, say yes to love!





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